My warmers are on 24hrs a day and my bulbs last at minimum – 1 year. But Phyllis, what if I don’t want my scent warming 24hrs a day? No problem – just remove your warmer dish. If it’s a mini warmer, I do turn them on and off because $2 every 8-12 months just ain’t a big thing to me. At the end of the day, much like any MLM, Scentsy does provide consultants with the opportunity to make a significant amount of money, but the facts suggest that it’s not easy.

I suggest making the circumference of the lid smaller. Join Scentsy in the UK or Germany and join our growing, supportive Scentsy team to get your Scentsy business up and running. My name is Becky Sattler and I’m a Star Director. I have been a Scentsy Consultant for over three years and whole-heartedly recommend selling Scentsy.

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If you decide to use a different brand bulb please make sure you stay with the correct wattage. Increasing the bulb wattage can possibly damage your warmer as it is designed to work with a lower wattage bulb for lower temperatures and safety. If you use a higher wattage bulb and it does damage your warmer you have voided the famous Scentsy Lifetime Warranty. Also, when you use the incorrect wattage you run the risk of wasting your money. Too low of a wattage and your wax doesn’t melt.

Scentsy Replacement Bulbs or Product Questions?

The wax took nearly an hour to melt. And the leftover cubes in the packet were all greasy and had ‘bubbled’. Older wax cubes I have did not bubble or erode like this during storage. This is a way overpriced cheap product for the money I spent. That is a very subjective question, but I can answer it with my slightly unscientific research here in my home.

If you have a mini-warmer then you will need a 15w bulb with a candelabra stem. A lot of people go to the local hardware store and get a nightlight bulb. Then they call me and say it doesn’t melt their wax. shop Scentsy s because it’s typically a 4w nightlight bulb.

As the authentic wickless candle company, we want to showcase our warmers and wax products before introducing other products to the market. Scentsy has expanded to include a few of the add-on Scentsy products in this catalog, and will continue to increase the Scentsy Products available in Europe. To meet European requirements, light bulbs that are used in Scentsy Warmers in the U.S. have been replaced with heating elements to melt the wax and LEDs to provide light through the vents. Electric voltage is different in the U.K. And in Germany and Scentsy Warmers for Europe are designed for use in those markets. Scents for the European markets are manufactured in France, but the 50 fragrances included in the catalog are Scentsy scents popular in the U.S.

Any lightbulb creates light by heating up a filament wire. The more often that filament is stressed with heating up and cooling down the faster it will break and fail. It’s actually more cost efficient to leave your bulbs on all the time. The filament will last much longer.

There is also no inventory required, so that is definitely nice, and makes the investment risk much less to get started and sell Scentsy in Germany, Ireland, the UK. Scentsy Wickless Candles has entered Europe and you can be one of the first Scentsy Consultants to join! Scentsy Consultants can join and sell Scentsy in Europe, starting with the UK and Germany andScentsy Ireland, and recently adding Poland.

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